Parental Units

How parents see it:

These are them. The people who raised us, clothed us, fed us, and taught us how not to poop in our pants. How do we thank them? As teenagers we get mood swings, weird ideas, and think we’re right and they’re wrong about everything. Maybe we should let up on them.

How we see it:

As we get older, we become smarter. They still think we don’t know how to not poop in our pants. Mom and Dad believe we still need guidance and that we can’t tell what’s right and wrong any more than when we were seven.

Too bad they’re wrong.

Since we are older and smarter, we recognize the rules of life. No private information on the internet! No going in strangers’ cars! Stay away from drugs and alcohol! No, no, no!

They keep enforcing it even though we’ve been hearing all this since we could talk. Don’t they think enough is enough? We’ve heard it all before, so by now we’re not even listening and it’s just a buzz in the back of our heads. That doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. It means we don’t care anymore!

Honestly! You’ve been shoving it all down our throats in one big pile every day! We’ve been eating the same plate of vegetables for over a decade now. I think we know what it tastes like.

Impartial third part view:

Kids all believe they have never done anything wrong. They see it as, “Oh, my brother did most of it so I’m in the clear,” and, “I’m just as smart as Mom and Dad! I’ve been through high school! Heck, I don’t think they could go a day as me!”

Newsflash: they already have. Sure, everything was cleaner, nicer, and actually school appropriate then, but they were still shoved around and bullies have always existed.

Parents think that their kids don’t have any sense of direction and are wild animals. They see it as, “My child did something wrong! I bet they forgot ALL their manners and must be taught continuously!” and, “I don’t think Timmy gets it. I work hard for him but he always acts like life is sooo hard. I already went through that and look at me! I turned out just fine!”

Newsflash: were you happy in high school? No, I don’t think so. No one is. It’s when everyone starts being judgmental and picking out who’s cool and who’s a geek. Their schools are rougher than when you went. If someone’s mad at you, they don’t steal your lunch money. They steal your eye sight and give you a pair of broken glasses.

Maybe if parents actually did live a day as their teen, they’d see how overwhelming everything is. You’ve got homework, school work, friend time, trying to squeeze in alone time, getting sleep, and the smallest thing most kids pay attention to: relieving stress. They build up all these emotions and don’t get an outlet. So why do you think we argue way too much and get mad over the small stuff? It’s not freakin’ hormones! It’s everything we have to go through to try and keep you happy as parents and ourselves happy as students. 

Maybe if kids actually did live a day as their parent, they’d see how overwhelming everything is. You’ve got bills to pay, that important paper your boss wants done, dinner, keeping everything clean, making sure you’re on time for everything, trying to go to the gym to be “skinnier”, and the smallest thing most adults pay attention to: relieving stress. They gather up all this worrying and panicking and don’t get an outlet. So why do you think they ask you to do small things and get furious when you ask one teensy question about it? It’s not a mid-life crisis! It’s everything they have to go through to try and make sure you’re happy AND healthy and keep away all those increasing worry lines. 

This is a message to everyone:

Lighten up on your kids once in a while. They’re not your punching bag! Sure, they frustrate you and don’t want to do what you say, but in the end they realize it’s the right thing to do. Scream into a pillow like kids do! It’s okay to be weird and a freaky parent who actually RELEASES their rage! Kids think it’s funny! 

Leave your parents alone every now and then. Yeah, you’ve got chores and school and homework too, but they’ve got the more serious stuff. You do know how good you have it, right? You’re sitting at a computer reading this! That’s gotta be worth something! Hm, I wonder who paid for your desktop and room and bed and clothes and glasses and braces and books and lighting and running water and heat and pencils and flu shots (yuck!) and to get your cavities filled? How did they get that stuff? They go to work 8 hours a day, same as you go to school. They’re going through the same stuff, only on a bigger scale. Don’t do your homework as an adult? YOU’RE FIRED. Forget to pay a bill? NO HEAT/LIGHTING/WATER. It’s THAT serious! 

In conclusion, all of you! Understand that you’re not the only one with stress! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN YOUR FAMILY HAS IT! Whether it’s evident or not, it’s what’s under the skin. If they start yelling at you for no particular reason, that’s how they’re getting rid of a little worry at a time. Let ’em yell! You be the bigger person and take your frustration out on a mattress. 



By Fabio

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