So about them. Do they make you work faster to beat them and get a lot more work done, or do you like it better when you can relax and do things whenever you want?

I’m somewhere in the middle because I do hate to be rushed but if I don’t have some motivation, I’ll end up procrastinating until the end of time.  

This comes up because Trystan has lent me her most prized possessions: her Devil May Cry manga, TriGun manga, and Devil May Cry anime disc set. I absolutely could not thank her enough, but she’s been pressuring me a lot lately to finish. I did finish all the manga (which was about 10-13 books!) in a week but I never found time for the anime!!

I panicked and watched two/four episodes tonight. Trystan gave me until the end of this week to finish which I think I’ll be able to manage. I just find it utterly unpleasant to have a set time to finish something! Not that I don’t find the anime interesting, honestly it’s one of my favorites so far. Get Backers is somewhere up there and I absolutely LOOOOVE the Death Note and Bakuman style (since they’re done by the same artists and writers) so when I do watch the anime I think I’ll fall in love with it too. So much anime to watch! I’m not a big fan of shojo manga/anime, so not many of them made my top list. 

Now that I think about it, I do love Naruto. Not only because it was my first EVER anime to watch, but I like seeing the characters develop and grow stronger.

Still DMC is way up on the list. It’s freakin’ fantastic. Another I like is called Hetalia: Axis Powers. Canada! He’s my favorite from there. 

Oh great, now I’m getting started for an anime rant. This could last a night! I better get back on topic…

Deadlines! I can’t stand ’em, but I don’t think I’d ever get anything finished if I didn’t have them in my life. What about you? How do you like/deal with deadlines? Music helps me relax and get work done, but I often get distracted and sing along.



By Fabio

2 comments on “Deadlines

  1. I always play music when I’m cleaning, but not so much during homework.
    I think we should have deadlines, but some of my teachers are irrational with them. For example, one of my teachers just goes, “Oh, by the way, you’re having your test on this entire unit on Thursday and it’s Tuesday right now. Make sure your journals are ready and fill out this study guide by then!” >.<

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