I don’t know how much more I can take of it! It’s humid, dry and there’s absolutely not a cloud in the sky to even SLIGHTLY block the stupid sun. I hate complaining and people who complain about everything, but I’m too sweaty, disgusting, and burning to care right now.

Also, Coach P. let the boys play basketball inside while ALL the girls had to walk three laps around the track (which is a quarter of a mile in total length, so in all we walked 3/4 of a mile) in the sun. No water bottles allowed.

Thanks, thanks a lot coach. We definitely loved it.



By Fabio

12 comments on “HEAT

    • X3 I get home about 20 minutes after school’s released. The bus ride takes a bit, but I don’t mind! I get time to listen to my ipod! Also I’m glad my family’s always home waiting for me. It’s nice! (sorry if I just rubbed it in your face…)

  1. Me too! I’m super jelusss. We’re in art class right now doing nothing. And is it weird that when I saw your total I thought of animals instead of weather? :b

    • Of course you’re at school too, we go to the same school!
      And I think she meant title… not total…
      YOU were doing nothing. I was reading this blog post, listening to music, ignoring A’s pleas for me to go and see the alien being (because I didn’t really know what to expect, coming from her), reading, enjoying my amazing computer (=D), relaxing… and I think that’s pretty much it. I’m so sad 3D Art is over now! 😦

      • We have a special friend…. She’s super sweet, has more patience than a rock, and is convinced that I’m her mother and DD’s her father… She also thinks she has 12 dads and 5 moms and a bajillion children… And that potato is a color. She also mistook a wi-fi thing for an alien being… Well, she’s a lot like a human version of Pinky Pie. She’s a large part of what makes 3D art amazing. I just love her!

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