(Ep. 2) What Would Happen If…

  1. Cars had ladders coming out of them that led to rooms on top?
  2. Everyone was shrunken down to doll house size and all plastic animal toys became real?

I fantasized about that a lot as a kid. My mom, dad, brother and I would all climb up the leg of the doll house table. My dad would force the hard-to-move sliding doors open and we’d step inside. 

We made all this clay food as little kids and stocked the kitchens. I always loved being a chef and cooking things! It was fun for me to create and have everyone enjoy them! The kitchen turned out to be my favorite part and still is today. There’s no way I’m ever giving that doll house up.

Anyway, the plastic buckets we had filled with ferocious toy zoo animals would come to life. The barrel of red plastic monkeys would use each other to swing outside and cause mayhem in the game room. Randy always wanted on of those monkeys, but they ended up clawing him in the face. 

I’d ride the lion, who would strangely like only me, and my mom would befriend the fairy doll. Dad would become close to Robbie’s old G.I.-Joes, which would teach him how to shoot a gun and handy dandy stuff like that.

As one of the panthers decided I’d be its next meal, Randy would come swinging in on his huge stuffed plush monkey and knock it over. I’d applaud and get on top of the monkey’s back behind him and off we’d go! Swinging down the railing of the stairs on plush is always fun. 

There were always some monsters, some nice creatures, and then it was just fun to go sliding down the toy doll house slide. I really wanted to drop down and be so tiny my whole life.

We’d get the mini DVD player and use it like a movie theater. Popcorn would be giant sized! Mmmmm, popcorn…the best food ever!!

Anyway, did you ever want to be a different size? Giant? Tiny? Just a few feet in difference?



By Fabio

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