Chain Mail

“take a deep breath
2. think of someone u like
3. press F10 5 times
4. send this to 5 coments
5. look at ur background.”


I’ve done it before, looked like an idiot, spammed my friends, and NOTHING HAPPENS. Don’t be fooled by the misspelled text language! It’s not legit. This is crap, that’s what it is. 

Why do people even do those? Everyone knows they’re fake yet the whole world seems to like commenting on your stuff. 

I get like 10 of these a day. ALL FROM THE SAME PERSON. Her name is Shelly.  Shelly the annoying person. You see, Shelly and I have a history. Let’s look into that, shall we?

In, I dunno, fifth grade, Shelly was very friendly and so was I. We hung out, had the same recess, and we were friends. Then, came sixth grade.

After knowing her for a year, Shelly decided, “I’ll be myself…ALL AT ONCE!” She was hyper. More hyper than any normal person should ever be. Also, she made fun of my name (supposedly in a friendly way). Well, I hated it. Every time we got a report card they came back with our full names on them. Mine read, “Cleo Augustina E.”, but with the last name.

Shelly thought it was absolfreakin’lutely HILARIOUS that my middle name sounded a little bit like a month. She called me many a-names. These are a few:

  • Leafy
  • Leaf Head
  •  Augustus
  • Augy
  • Tina…Leaf! Tina Leaf.
  • Gusty Winds
  • Oo-gus-tina
  • Augustina in a very manly voice

Now what annoys me about Shelly is that two years later she still calls me:

  • Oo-gus-tina
  • Augustina in a very manly voice
  • Leaf Head
  • Tina Leaf

I don’t even understand how she gets a kick out of the last one. Seriously Shelly? You think it’s oh-so-comical to call me “Tina Leaf”?

It’s VERY frustrating. I do my best to ignore her and it works most of the time.

Like one day! She was yelling behind me, “Leaf Head! Oo-gus-tina! Hey hey hey!” Finally I yelled to her behind me, “I’m not going to answer until you call me my first name.”

She said, “Hey Cleo!” I asked her, “Yes?”


“You wanna race down the hallway, Leaf Head?”

“Get away, Shelly.”~Is what I wanted to say.

Anyone ever call you an annoying nickname? Believe me, I’ve heard EVERY ONE for Augustina, anything people can come up with for Cleo, and everything for my last name I’d prefer not to share.



By Fabio

6 comments on “Chain Mail

  1. Ughhhhhhh! People call me by my name, for the most part. But other than that, I’ve had a few people make fun of my last name, which is spelled exactly like a verb but pronpuned differently.

  2. Leaf? Where does she even *get* that from? August is like, one of the least leafiest months! Seriously! How dare she make fun of my birthday month?! And… Oh yeah you too Cleo. And… /ADD/ Oooh, when’s your birthdaaay?

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