I never really use punctuation in the titles…but today is worth it. 

‘Member Trevor? The one we sat with during the talent show?


I told you I liked John a while ago but I gave up on him because he became really jerk-y and then I liked Trevor (for like 3 months counting before I liked John but then I liked John and then I came back to Trevor because Trevor’s really awesome). I asked Casey to see if he liked anyone and she said that if he said yes she knew it would be me because we are the only girls Trevor ever talks to and she’s dating Rob and Trevor doesn’t think of her that way. So I was bugging her to tell me what Trevor said.

She wouldn’t tell me and then she told Rob and I got REALLY fluster-y. Rob said the first letter equaled P+T which I didn’t understand so he just came out and said it because he didn’t make a promise to Trevor not to tell.  Trevor likes me.

So I got all ecstatic and jumpy and I practically killed Casey with a monster hug and then I hugged Rob too because I was just all~ spazzy. Then I slightly turned my head and guess who was behind me:


I screeched and bolted through the hallway and onto the bus. I even ran faster than Casey which is saying something since she’s like the fastest kid in our entire school counting the lower grade. She yelled after me, “CLEO!” but I didn’t stop going. Then I got on the bus.

*insert bus noises on going home here*

When the bus dropped me off I couldn’t stop running. I ran all the way home and up here to my room. No, I don’t have time for punctuation and that explains all the run-on sentences.

None of my friends read my blog so I can say stuff here that I might die if they heard. Not because I don’t trust them, just ‘cuz I don’t want them to~ I’M SHY!!





By Fabio

14 comments on “I FAIL AT LIFE!!!

  1. Ohhhh Gooooood. (Thats GOD drawn out BTW not good) You rambled a bit so I’m sorry if I didn’t fully understand so sorry of I misinterpreted the end message. Um, flirt with him in a cool, natural, un-flirty way? For all he knows, you were being spastic for a completely different reason. Chillax. 😉

      • Well, if he overheard the whole conversation, than if Rob told the truth he should be super pooper happy you were so excited. He would probably be mad at Rob for telling you otherwise. If Rob was lying, than tell Casey to dump his fudgeripplecrudded liar butt and scarf down some ice cream and read a book, play some sims , and watch Forrest Gump with extra buttery popcorn. I’m so sorry, I’m still trying to get over the day my (guy) friend who, unbeknownst to me, liked me and was jealous ran over to my crush and nearly told him I liked him, and that was like 5 years ago! I feel your pain. 😦

      • Don’t worry…I don’t think Rob would lie. I mean, he’s one of my close friends too. I hope he’s super pooper happy (made me giggle) but we’re both uber shy.

  2. Geez, I remember feeling like that… I agree with singer, there’s always a way to explain nervousness away. If this Trevor likes you, if he suspects the real reason, he’d probably find it really charming! For real. 🙂

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