Tis true! The last day of May is tomorrow, so we’ll manage to get 52 posts by the end of just this month. I’m so proud of myself!

Like I just said in the last post, Trevor wanted to call me. Am I a mean person for not wanting to? And not wanting to text? And not wanting contact with the outside world?

Let’s take another trip to…


So yeah. Here we are again. The setup of my mind might change a little each time, but oh well.

The voting board thingy majig seems to have it’s own little country. The Checkmarks and the X’s get into really heated discussions until Blue Shirted Neutral Cleo can step up. Here’s the one they had about:

Texting/Calling/Communication in General!

The RED Cleos are the against side, and the GREEN Cleos are the for side!

We need time and space without people interfering. We have a complex mind that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. >.>

Well, maybe if we were more open about it we wouldn’t be so complex! Besides, we didn’t get to see Trevor or Casey at all today! We miss them!

Oh c’mon. That’s a load of crap. You know you’re nervous when you talk to Trevor!

Doesn’t mean it won’t get better if we keep talking! Which YOU took away from us today!

ME?! That was because of the final exam schedules today!

Easy. We avoid him at all costs. It’s what we normally do with people everywhere! Why wouldn’t it work now?!

Because Trevor is NICE! We’re not gonna make Trevor feel bad, now ARE WE?!

We dunno. We just want to make ourselves happy.

UGH! You immature butt faces! Don’t you see that what you do affects everyone else as well?! If you stop talking to Trevor and just avoid him at all costs, eventually he’s just going to hate you. You LIKE HIM. Remember?!

…shut up…

*Blue Cleo enters with final decision*

ENOUGH! I’ve picked what we’re going to do! It’s time for us to grow up and be a man! Err…woman. We’ll talk to Trevor when we’re not feeling stupid and if we are, we tell the truth that we’re busy with something else! Problem solved!

*applause ripples through the Cleos*


Trevor wants to hang out and go places this summer, but we’ve got a babysitting job with adorable little Gianni next door! WHAT DO WE DO?!?!

We obviously tell Gianni’s mother that we’re busy that day.

WHAT?! No! That would hurt Gianni since he loves you! We tell Trevor to bug off and continue with our work.

This is a fairly easy decision. We tell Trevor that we’re busy when he asks what we’re doing from the normal babysitting hours, and during the day we can go places with him, Casey, Trystan, and Ryan until it’s time to go. Simple plan= COMPLETE!

*more applause*

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with either of those choices, but they seem to be the best ones. Maybe the readers have something different? HELP! 



By Fabio

17 comments on “FIFTIETH OF THE MONTH!

    • I don’t either…Blue Cleo seems to like the ideas, and so does everyone else except for the few non-believers, so I suppose I’ll just go with those.
      *is off to write Chapter 3.1 :P*

  1. I need my alone time too. Which is when I hermit-ize. I have been able to adapt myself into introverting when my friends aren’t around as I see them so infrequently, but I would not be able to survive an entire week with them. When I was little, when they all played outside, I would often be found in their bedroom playing with their toys. -.-

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