People don’t understand! Gah! When I have a book, when that book is open, when my head is IN said book, DO NOT TALK TO ME! I’m trying to enjoy this world in peace and quiet!

It is true I have the ability to focus only on the book and blur the rest of Earth, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind and deaf. I can see you kicking my foot. I can hear you yelling in my ear! I chose to stay inside said book!

I got it for my birthday. I love it! It’s such a good story and I’m only on page 267 of 531! I have so much to go and so much time on my hands! MWAHAHAHA! NO MORE SCHOOL AFTER TOMORROW!!

Then I get to be a bookworm. 

The problem is: everyone else.

Trevor texts me. A LOT. I like talking to him and all…BUT DUDE. I have THINGS to do! Sure, I’d love to talk! Not now. Not when I showed you my book in school! I like alone time. >.> The same with Casey and Trystan.

I love talking to those guys! Honestly! But I want to be…a loner! That’s the word. Ha, that’d be a trait for me in the Sims 3!


Tonight he was wondering if I would call him. I told Trevor that maybe, since I was already playing a compooter game with Jezzie, and he said ok. Ten minutes later…

“U done yet?”

NO! I wanna be nice…but I get angry when I’m interrupted. 

I need a shield. I need protection and deflection! 

I made a funny.



By Fabio


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