I’ve been gone for a looong time. I apologize. Also, since it’s the 11th of June and this is the first post of the month. I’m gonna try to be more frequent this summer, I promise!

Ok, so here’s what happened: Trystan and Casey were with me from June 1st-5th, and after that my mom sent them home. I was grounded from the computer and phone from the 6th-9th, and then I was being creative for the rest of the weekend and most of today. I gotta say, I haven’t been on the computer ’til now, 4:11 pm, and I feel healthy! I spent all day Saturday (the morning I got my computer back) sitting in my bed and staring at the screen and frankly, I felt…dirty.

I kinda hated it, but I enjoyed wallowing for a bit. Then, on Sunday my family spent, say one and a half hours at the gym. It was really tiring, but I enjoyed the treadmill (in spite of my Anti-Exercise Summer Movement [or lack of movement])! Oh, and after the treadmill we went swimming and cooled off.

THEN! I got home and took a shower. I can’t remember what movie I watched, but I know I did something! Then today I spent it working on my friend’s plush project she enlisted me to do. Here is the progress so far because I was lazy on Day 1:

Also, the cat’s just there because he looks adorable while sleeping. 

Tomorrow, it will have been one week without Casey and Trystan…I feel a bit alone, but with them around I don’t really get anything done. Maybe I’ll go to Casey’s on Wednesday or something (but I’ll have to be back by Friday night since my mom and I need to go shopping [helloooo, Hot Topic!] and we’re gonna go to the gym again).


Oh and we’re going on vacation! Woo! I might blog a bit using my mom’s phone then, but I most likely will not have internet since we’re camping and driving all the way there which takes 3 days, or my mom will try and “conserve it’s battery life” when I think she secretly uses it in the porta-potties and then lectures us about having too much technology. I dunno, just a theory.

THAT was a long sentence. 

I feel out of breath just looking at it!

Hopefully I’ll make this a schedule, where I’m productive all day and then get on the computer around four to blog. So…there might only be one post a day, or I could do one at four and then one after dinner/gym time. Take your pick!



By Fabio

8 comments on “I’m BAAACK!

    You can go to a gym?! I want to go to a gym! There isn’t one near my house, though. I live in the middle of no where. I’d go jogging, but there’s no where to *go*. We don’t own a treadmill or anything… I don’t know, but I want to go to a gym. I need to keep my endurance and fitness up since I’m not taking ballroom next year.

      • My mom would never drive me unless she’s going herself, and she hasn’t got the time. She works out at home, but I think I’m just going to start jogging in the morning-I don’t really like the workouts she does. I don’t mind this In-Home Gym thing my dad got that attaches to your doorway (my doorway, actually, because my dad put a pull-up bar there before and he can’t get it off and you can attach the Gym to it) where you can do push ups or pull ups or stuff with your legs, but I don’t like the workouts my mom does, personally.

        (Wow… that was longer than I meant it to be.)

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