Personal Achievements and…Dis-Achievements?

So, I did come back for you guys! Woo! You weren’t abandoned!

Personal achievement: 

Worked on friend’s plush: 

Drew character Ginji Amano as planned: 

Well…2/3 isn’t so bad, right? Anyway, like yesterday, I made a little progress picture for my friend’s plush.

I kinda like it…but I don’t at the same time. Well, there’s no going back now. I already glued down the eyes (I’m not sure how to sew on buttons yet and my mom’s been busy writing a paper), the tie (although I did sew two pieces together [by hand when I really could’ve used the machine] to get it right!), and the ears were sewn on yesterday.

Tomorrow I plan to make his little paws! They need to be black with white tips since the character,, has white gloves.  It doesn’t sound very hard, but then again, everything that sounds easy to me ends up being the most difficult thing in the world. I suppose I underestimate.

On another subject of what I haven’t done, I didn’t write any more of The Locked World. I wish I had, but sadly no. That, and not being able to draw for a while frustrates me. I did get these awesome art pencils and pencil bag:

plus the eraser for my birthday, and I have nothing to use them for. It makes me sad as well…

Anyhow, I hope to see you all after dinner! Until then~



By Fabio

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