G’day Mate!

I dunno why that title’s there, I just wanted to say it Australian-like.

Hai. I don’t think I have a lot to say today. Lemme just tell you what we did.

This morning I woke up at around ten thirty-ish and went into my mom’s office (where she makes her jewelry). She was sitting at her compooter so I just sat down in the other chair and started talking to her about what we were going to do today.

“Well,” she said, “Randy’s at Nelson’s* house for the day and Dad’s working, so basically we have the whole house to ourselves. I’ve got taxes to do and I really wanted to work on some pendants…but right now I just really want to go get some coffee.”

“Ooh! Can I get some too?!” I said. I REALLY wanted so coffee because the small sips I’ve had before made me feel all bouncy and hyper.

She said no, but then I mentioned getting a mocha because it’s mostly chocolate. She said if I really wanted chocolate, I could just get a hot chocolate. I guess I really wasn’t thinking about anything other than coffee. I agreed and before you know it we were on our way there with Coldwater Creek and JOANN coupons.

When we got to Starbucks, the lady at the counter already knew my mom wanted a soy latte or something like that. Apparently she and my dad would go there often on Saturdays and talk for half an hour (I jumped up and down as said, “OOOH! THIS IS WHERE YOU GUYS GO ON THE WEEKENDS!!” for some reason that made me really excited…) First I got this croissant with cream cheese on it and my mom got a piece of the banana bread I think. My food sucked and made me want to barf, so my mom gave me five bucks to go up to the counter and get marble pound cake instead.

I listened carefully and the cake cost my mom $2.41 . I remember this because I plan to pay her back. It doesn’t seem fair that she had to buy me 2 things just because I didn’t like the first one. Anyway.

After 40 minutes of talking and drinking our stuff, we left and went to JOANN. We thought we needed glue when actually I remembered we had 2 bottles of it at home.

So my mom let me look around while she went pee. 


They had touch screens and different settings that our’s (which is a Bernina sewing machine) didn’t and just boggled my mind. I found them ridiculous but intriguing.

I showed my mom when she was done and she taught me all about how they were also for embroidering. I had no idea machines could even DO that. We saw a lot of Singers, which Mom said used to be the best kind of machine you could get until they started making the parts on the inside out of plastic, and they all seemed really hi-tech too.


They were flowery and giant flower-shaped. I plan to use them to make plushies for my cousins when we visit them. I hope they like ’em.

By the way, I don’t have any pictures of my friend’s plush that I’ve been posting updates for this week. I’m not done working on it for the night since my mom needs to help me with this part and she still has to do taxes. 

Then we went to Coldwater Creek, this older-lady-shopping-store and bought my mom this skirt and two shirts. I knew she’d like ’em. I was right! 

I guess that’s it, other than I might play Minecraft with Randy later since he came home today.



*Nelson is Randy’s best friend. Whenever he spends the night here, they seem to be quiet but if you go in his room they’re really loud. They play Minecraft and Terraria together and all sorts of shiz.

By Fabio

2 comments on “G’day Mate!

    • I.K.R.
      These new sewing machines were like…Harqvana or something. I can’t remember the name. I just know they were called Vikings, so I said the name in a “viking” voice and my mom exploded with laughter.

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