Busy For a While

I apologize dudes, but the new Tangerine post won’t be out for at least another 2 weeks. Thanks and see you soon!

By Fabio

21 comments on “Busy For a While

  1. Aww, nuuuuu. 3:

    Since the sudden lack of Simmy bloggness (DD’s pics aren’t working, Cleo’s busy, Del is either wearing an invisibility cloak or dissaperates to another corner of the Internet for an indefinite amount of time, we haven’t heard from Aimee since new years, Splines is… Officially gone ;( poor Sabrina’s father just passed away, I have no idea WHERE Rochelle-of-the-frequently-posted-blog is, or her friend Emily, Emy from splintered sun hasnt posted in foreverr, as well as others in probably forgetting) I have a speshul surprise of specialness in store. It is the last thing you would probably think of, and I will announce it soon… As soon as I figure how to change a blog’s banner on WordPress.

    • I know! I miss the Splines as well, and Emy is gone, and…it wasn’t ’til that comment I realized how many other people were offline. DX
      Anyway, I’m back! And can’t wait to read your new blog!

      • If you mean the header (the picture at the top), here’s how. Go to WordPress, then click to go to your blog’s dashboard. Look on the bottom of the sidebar. Just above Users and just below Ratings, it says “Appearance”. Mouse over it, do not click. On the menu appears, there is an option labeled “Header” (under Theme Options, above Background). Click on that. From there, you can browse in the photo gallery on your computer and choose an image, and from there you can crop it and set it as the header.

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