The New Grade

So…I love 2/9 of my classes…the others are alright…


Thank joo Mommy!


I’m so happy.



By Fabio

Summer Is…Over?

It feels like it flew by all too fast. I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was panicking about Trevor and that stupid dance. Now we’ll be starting high school together…

One of the major differences of the year is that Casey’ll be going to a completely different school. Yup. Our high school is brand new, which means that had to get new zoning units. Casey’s neighborhood happened to be right outside the cutoff line.

My reaction as Casey was telling me went like this:


Of course I love Trystan just as much as Casey, but I never had school with her. I got used to and attached to having Casey there with me. Trystan’s being homeschooled anyway, so she doesn’t count.

But the point of this long morning post is not my insane fear of starting my new year in a 3 story school, or that Casey is long gone…

It’s all about summer’s passing by oh so fast.

It really feels as if my life’s going to pass by too fast.

I’m learning a language this year, getting an iPad to carry all my books on, and being handed a ton more work while being expected to manage it all.

There’s also the decision of socializing or getting a decent grade. If you pick grades, eventually they all drift away and find you a replacement. If you pick friends, your grades drop like an anchor and sink to the bottom.

How do I handle it all? I’ve never had so much to manage, and the responsibilities frighten me. What if I can’t? Do I end up with failing grades and no best buddies? I’d kill myself without my guys!

All of time is fleeing so fast!! Why can’t I freeze it, y’know? Maybe get a remote like in the movie Click. That didn’t end very well though…but still! You don’t know how badly I’d like to pause time sometimes and grab a sharpie to…uh, “clean up” someone’s face.



(Sorry if the grammar and spelling in this one is too bad. I was up pretty late last night!)

By Fabio

Gettin’ In The Groove

So, to try and get back to my old posting schedule of two a day, I’m trying to work on that now before school starts.

Betcha can’t guess what I’m doing?



I swear I’m actually addicted to this show. I can’t go one night without watching it.

Apparently, when school starts up again on Monday, my mom insists I can’t stay up past 9:30, which means I’ll be missing all FOUR nightly episodes. Gr. Oh well, I guess…



By Fabio


Schools starts on Monday. I really don’t know what to expect.

In the mornings, I have Japanese at another school that has all the language classes. That means I have to take that bus to that school, then the shuttle to my actual high school.


How am I supposed to find my way around TWO schools? I already get lost too easily. This is gonna be tough…

The only AP (Advanced Practice) class I took was Language Arts, which I was quite happy about. I took AP History last year, and it was NOT for me. It was mostly memorization and things like that. I have a terrible memory!

At least I’m good at writing and the like, so I think I’ll do fairly well. 


I’ve been watching way too many episodes of Friends. I think I have an addiction! 

My favorite character: 


My second favorite: 


My least favorite: 

Freakin’ Janice.


Mostly because she does THIS.

By the way, Matthew Perry () is hilarious.



By Fabio



So, I have less than a week until I start school again. Did I accomplish all the things I wanted to? Lets see.

  • Finish writing The Locked World:
  • Have a comic or manga started:
  • Finish at least 5 animes:
  • Still write for the Tangerines?:
  • Watch every existing episode of my favorite TV show, Friends:
  • Build a wooden fort in the backyard:
  • Read The Princess Bride for school:
  • Watch The Princess Bride afterwards:
  • Learn to speak German:
  • Be a fat lazy blob:

So basically I did nothing.




By Fabio

Saturday, Saturday, Does Whatever Saturdays Do


I’m back online for once!

Man, have I been gone a while…I guess I just got busy with my summer and all but forgot about posting anything!!


Anyway, today’s Casey’s birthday party, so I’ll be heading over there whenever Casey decides to text me back. She’s having a pool party (like she always does) and then Trystan and I are gonna spend the night! It’ll be just like last year!

So that’s all I really have to say for right now, so I’ll talk to you when I come home on Monday! School starts in a week by then…NOOOOOOOOO!



By Fabio