Schools starts on Monday. I really don’t know what to expect.

In the mornings, I have Japanese at another school that has all the language classes. That means I have to take that bus to that school, then the shuttle to my actual high school.


How am I supposed to find my way around TWO schools? I already get lost too easily. This is gonna be tough…

The only AP (Advanced Practice) class I took was Language Arts, which I was quite happy about. I took AP History last year, and it was NOT for me. It was mostly memorization and things like that. I have a terrible memory!

At least I’m good at writing and the like, so I think I’ll do fairly well. 


I’ve been watching way too many episodes of Friends. I think I have an addiction! 

My favorite character: 


My second favorite: 


My least favorite: 

Freakin’ Janice.


Mostly because she does THIS.

By the way, Matthew Perry () is hilarious.



By Fabio

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