Sup, My Brotato Chips!

Hey everyone!

As was reminded to me by a certain reader (crissyworld) I missed my One Year Anniversary for this blog. I’m sorry. 

To make up for it, here’s a basic run down of what’s been going on in my life, future plans for the Tangerine blog (which I sincerely apologize for not updating on!!), and news of the animals.

First off, I want to get back to my regular old posting schedule. It got me up to 50 posts in the month of May, yet this month we only have 6 (now 7 with this one). It’s just been very difficult for me to get up at 5 AM, much less remember to post my drafts I wrote the night before. I really do miss blogging! I’m sorry again…

The Tangerine blog has become a chore for me. It makes me not even want to touch my Sims, and I got Late Night for my birthday! I really want to get Supernatural, but first you need to have money for such a delight. 

So, what I’ve been thinking I’ll do with the Tangerines is!:

  • Turn back to the original posting kind, which wasn’t so much a big problem.
  • Learn to make a story out of it while still doing the original posting.
  • incorporate some kind of weird, wacky plot to make it more entertaining.
  • Try not to use every photo when using original style. =.=

That last one’s something I noticed.

I would use every single screenshot to make my posts, which usually made them pointless and take an excruciating amount of time for anything to happen. So, I’ll cover the basic points but still have enough for a nice chapter.

I plan to have the last 2 “story style” posts up by next weekend.

I’m also going to play the sims tomorrow night, as I’m using this night to catch up on Homestuck (my newest obsession).

Also, my favorite anime! You must watch it:

Let me say these things outright, since they make me feel all awkward:

  • I have no kind of relationship with Trevor.
  • I don’t want to talk to any friends during the weekends…and I feel selfish for it…
  • My drawings seem to have escalated in crappiness.

Really, only the first one I didn’t want to say, but I was already making a bullet list so why not?

Ok, let’s see about those cat and dog pictures!

I’m sorry that it’s turned sideways. I hate it when people film like this too. It was an accident. :/

I’m sorry that it’s turned sideways. I hate it when people film like this too. It was an accident. :/



By Fabio

8 comments on “Sup, My Brotato Chips!

  1. Eeeeee! You mentioned me!!!

    I’ve been a lurker for a long time on this blog and the Tangerines, but I couldn’t help but notice you’d missed your one-year Anniversary. Congrats!

    Looking forward to more Tangerine posts!

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