Poem Sunday (Number Hachi!)

(Hachi is the number 8 in Japanese)


Is it so wrong to enjoy life?

Do I need to be as depressed as you to see the right perspective?

Sometimes I like to look on the bright side,

instead of focusing on how dark the sky’s become.

Wow! Over the horizon!

There comes the sunshine!

No! Everything’s “gay” and “stupid” where the light touches!

You wouldn’t know! How about we try it?

I’ll stick with the familiar; that place is unknown and different from how I think! I must avoid and hate it!

Please, for me? Life can be fun when you can actually see what it’s about!

No! How many times do I have to tell you?! My point of view is fine…dark, moody, against anything strange and unfamiliar!

I sigh at your ignorance.

If you haven’t experienced the entire buffet, how are you certain one dish is the best?

I don’t need to try! I can be comfortable with what I have!

I’m sorry, I disagree.

I’m going to the light, where everything is full of happiness.

I’m going to the light, where I can be myself and not judged.

I’m going to the light, where I hope you’ll join me someday.

I’m going to the light, where I’m free of negativity.

I’m going to the light, because…

No one is dismissed without a chance.

By Fabio

8 comments on “Poem Sunday (Number Hachi!)

  1. I’m still majorly jealous that you’re taking Japanese. I have Spanish with Señora Ford >.> “Okay guys, I’m going to give you new vocab, but I”m going to explain it IN SPANISH instead of in English because you guys need to learn!”
    *after test*
    “I don’t understand why you guys aren’t getting the new vocab. We went over it multiple times!”
    Class: “……..”

    But anyways, yes, bravo, as always you have provided an amazing Poem Sundays. I always look forward to these!

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