I’ve been kind of obsessed, and so to satisfy my urge to throw my laptop out the window at the 204 page intermission, I shall post Homestuckiness here.



By Fabio

14 comments on “Homestuck

      • With the disappointing book I just read, plus how much I’ve been hearing about it online, I think I’ll read anything. =D I’ll try to get into it this weekend (only I can’t because I have a 15 hr Renaissance Faire ugh okay next week or weekend).

      • It’s less awesome, because I have to participate as a villager. Which means walking around for several hours (8 on Saturday, 7 on Sunday) in very very heavy costumes, in character as a Renaissance-era teenager, which sounds funnish but is actually really really hard when you’re as untalented as me. Also, my friend’s going with me, and she’s normally an amazing actress, but she can’t do improv to save her life. I write too much.
        The Selection by Kiera Cass. The premise was overdone and obviously sexist (although I will mention that I liked how she didn’t address that it was wrong, because, as that’s all they know, they wouldn’t realize that it was, in fact, wrong), but the beginning was good. The style and voice were good, and Maxon was supremely awesome, but then it just got a little boring and very love-triangley.
        Crossed was disappointing? How so? (I haven’t read it yet, just curious. =D)

      • Did you read Matched?! YEAAAAH! But the thing was, Matched was very interesting to me and had a lot of action and new technology that she could explain. Crossed was mainly and most importantly about What’s-her-face and Ky finding each other. Then, it takes the rest of the book for them to actually get somewhere TOGETHER. I am excited for the last book though! It should have much more adventure in it!

      • I did read Matched. I thought it was a super-amazing premise, but… I have a complicated relationship with romance books. If I’m not in the mood for it (romance), and it has even the littlest bit, I’m probably going to dislike the whole book (which is mostly why I say I disliked Divergent). So when I say I disliked Matched it’s because of that. I really should reread it to find out my actual opinion…
        But I’m sorry to hear that about Crossed! I have to say that when I read Matched I kind of wasn’t expecting it to be a series; I just thought it didn’t really lend itself to that. But I was hopeful. The first few times I read Catching Fire, I liked it better than The Hunger Games, I hope the last one will be better!
        As for the book I just finished, Insignia by S J Kincaid, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT OMG. 😀

      • o-o Oh ok! I’ll read this book!
        Great book in my opinion. 😛 I ordered Insurgent (the sequel) and it got here today. c:

      • It’s called Insignia by S J Kincaid. She’s already been signed up for a trilogy AND she’s sold the rights to a movie (and it just came out in July – but it’s just so good and I have a lot of feelings about it).

      • The movie already came out? I don’t think I heard about it, but I wish I did! (And wow, she must be really talented to already have a trilogy and movie deal)

      • No, I meant the book came out two months ago, and she’s sold the rights to a movie (except that doesn’t really mean anything – the rights to Looking For Alaska by John Green were sold in like 2006 and they still haven’t even started writing or casting or anything).

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