So with the iPad the school has generously given me with an insurance fee of $50, you can message using others’ email addresses. 

I have made a Junior friend in my Creative Writing class, and her name is Raiyna. She’s just about the most genuinely nice (nit polite nice, but ACTUALLY nice) person I have ever met and I love her. She kind of looks at me like a little sister, which I am perfectly okay with. 

Today she gave me HER email so I may message her, but it feels like I’m crossing a line. Maybe too familiar with her? I’m not sure. I don’t want to hurt Raiyna’s feelings by ignoring the lovely “Hi!” sent me, but I dn’t know what to say…

Also, completely unrelated, but I have been looking for a style to dress in for a month or so. I asked my mom about it this afternoon, and she says my current look is grunge. It’s because I didn’t care what was clean or dirty and wore it anyway, slung my grey stripey jacket over it and white converse, and off I went. 

Well, together we picked a style that I have always loved and wonder how it never occurred to me before. STEAMPUNK! I’ll be posting pictures of whatever related product I buy, because steampunk is just amazing.



By Fabio

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