I Think It’s About Time…

…I gave you guys a proper post.

Ok, so I still haven’t updated my Sims blog. *sighs* I suck, I know. I’m sowwee.

For some reason I just don’t want to touch my game. ;-; I don’t know why, but yeah…

Also! If any of you have read Homestuck/are in the process of doing so like me, then you know what a moirail is. If not, simply click the link I made for it!

That’s my buddy Megs (also known as Megham) ❤

We have been moirails for about three weeks(?) now, and our other friend Jasmine (who we call Jazzy-san) has decided to become extremely serious about it. Last night we sent her a video of us elbow bumping (an inside joke I’ll explain later, I promise!) and yelling “SHUSHPAP!” at each other during lunch. She typed to us that she grabbed a bowl of popcorn, got comfy, and was looking forward to moirail fluff she hadn’t even asked for!

…she was disappointed.

She said we needed more “substance” in our moirailship, and that we’d be even more amazing with such.

We attempted to provide her with said substance:

  • We often send videos that work together as a pair without telling each other of our plan to do so, and it works perfectly
  • We made an entire song about being moirails together also at lunch (we have 7th period together)
  • We shushpap each other often maybe too often
  • We have inside jokes already and completely creeped our friend Mallory out with them on Friday

She cried she was so happy with our substance.

We were quite proud of ourselves.

But yeah, that’s really all I had to say, and that the new chapter will probably come out around mid-November. :C




By Fabio

4 comments on “I Think It’s About Time…

  1. Cleoooooo! No worries, I understand how that works (the whole “I don’t want to play sims” thing, sometimes I just loose interest).

    Other than that… um… what is Homestruck?

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