Megan Meier and Suicide

Megan Meier was a thirteen year old girl with a MySpace account. She led an average life, but was overweight, had ADD, and depression. She never had many friends and didn’t think much herself. So, when she met Josh Evans online, she was overjoyed to have a person who didn’t find her ugly, useless, or disappointing. Their online chats continued for a long time until October 15th 2006, when Josh told her that he’d heard she wasn’t very nice to her friends. Frantically, Megan wondered what he was talking about? Her mother expected what was next to hurt Megan, so she took her computer privileges. Fortunately for Megan, she convinced her to make another account but one that could be watched over even more closely. The next evening, her mother couldn’t monitor her activity online as she had to take her younger daughter, Allison, to the orthodontist. As she left Josh continued to send Megan hurtful messages. Her mother told Megan to sign off immediately, and Megan promises she would. Megan called her mother twice in hysterics. Even though her mom continued to tell her to log off Megan remained on. When she came home, she charged to Megan and ordered her off. Megan ran to her room sobbing, and passed her dad in the hallway.
As her mother and father discussed the issues Megan had always had (depression, not many friends, suicidal thoughts at an early age, etc.,) her mother had a freezing feeling. She ran upstairs and burst into Megan’s room. There, she found Megan, who had hung herself in her closet.


To read more detailed information, click here.

By Fabio

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