Let’s Play Catch Up

So I came back from dinner, am waiting for my best friend (Casey, if you guys don’t remember her from multiple posts! It’s been so long!) to come over, and have nothing to do.

So let’s get this started.

To be honest, I’m pretty tired of using the name Cleo here. I’d rather go by Fabio, which is my usual nickname (It’s a fill-in for Phoebe! ^u^).

I’m going to completely change the “About” section here, since looking back at it I can’t believe I wrote something so…stupid.

I have had x(1) boyfriend in the span of my absence, and I (according to my lame tradition) broke up with him. This time there was legit reasoning and all…wait, there was last time too hey what am I doing

Okay, nevermind that.

Anybody remember my other best friend, Trystan? Yeah, no longer friends with her. Not that I regret it. She was very controlling, obsessive, and overall a huge pain in the butt to have a relationship with. She basically tried to micromanage every aspect of my and Casey’s lives, and if we didn’t do it her way, it was the wrong way. We’re still in the process of completely getting rid of her horrible remains, but other than the both of us are clean as a whistle.

Oh by the way! Casey is moving ;-;

She’s going to be living in Colorado, so MANY MILES AWAY FROM ME. Skype works across the country, right?

We’re attending A-Kon this year! Last year we had high hopes and dreams that smashed to the ground, but THIS year we’re ahead of the game! Casey and I each have our wigs ready to go, and I have one of the accessories! We aren’t buying the other materials yet for some(?) reason, probably because it takes adult consultation to buy clothing (our mothers have to measure us and BLEH WE WANTED TO DO THIS BY OURSELVES BUT THEY BUTT IN).

We do have Japanese class together now! It’s my favorite part of the day! :3 Especially our 6-10 minute break in the middle of the 2 hour session! We frolic with our other animu friends~

Anybody here in the My Little Pony fandom? I’ve been keeping up with the show recently! 😀 Also still into Homestuck, yes, that is an everlasting obsession.

Doodledog10 has started making videos on YouTube! You should all check her out immediately!! 😀

I’ve been drawing and writing a lot recently too! Soon I’ll make a master post of all the art I’ve done in the 4 month span, and separate posts to put out my stories! Most of them are fanfiction, eheh. A few of them managed to be original!

Hmmm…lemme think…

I’m pretty sure you guys are all caught up, strangely! Wow, I don’t do much, do I…

This is lack of human interaction. Feels? Feels.

~Fabio (^u^ Good to be back!)

By Fabio

2 comments on “Let’s Play Catch Up

    • Lol, I know! I’ve been Cleo/purplechikita for so long! I’m glad to be back too ;u;
      (I also updated the “About” part just now c: fish food for thought)

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