About Me~

My name is Fabio, and I am a freshman in high school. I live in Texas with my brother (Robbie), Mom, Dad, and near my best friend (Casey). I have one dog (Happy) and two cats (Lilly and Benjamin). I am of the female species, and would love to get to know you!

Here are some links~

I like to draw and write, watch anime, read Homestuck, and listen to music. My favorite bands are Sleeping with Sirens, Bowling for Soup, and Rise Against. They are all epic.

I’ll try to upload 1-2 times a day, and get back into an old schedule like I had before a 4 month hiatus took me captive. It’ll be a little difficult, but I think I can manage.

My favorite day of the week is Wednesday. My favorite holiday is Christmas, or Halloween. I like chocolate and raspberry truffles. Popcorn in the best invention to ever exist.

I may start a YouTube series, soon, or not at all. My inspiration is Doodledog10 (TheOwlGallery, on YouTube). I like to type out entire words that should be shortened. I text. A lot.

I have a Skype. That’s just a random fact, you’re not actually going to have access to my contact information. Because I’m stingy like that.

I love FRIENDS. And The Mentalist. Facebook bores me a lot of the time. I’ll type until my fingers are bloody. Girls and guys are both okay for me, dating wise. I like short hair. I like snow. I like breezy weather. I play Pokemon and am waiting for X and Y anxiously even though I don’t have a Nintendo 3DS.

This feels like it’s longer than it should be. I am on a role. You cannot stop me when I am on a role.

I don’t like a lot of people. I don’t like a lot of things. It’s okay not to like things, but you don’t need to rub it in everyone’s face. Personal preferences, meh. I type different words than I mean to, most often. Sometimes I change this to these. I think I have ADD. My mom has bipolar 2. It is possible I may have bipolar 2. I am also angry passionate about a lot of stuff. I ship. I ship characters with characters so hard, my insides burst.

A lot of this is rambling. I applaud you for lasting this long. Did you really? Or did you just skim? It’s okay, you don’t have to lie. I know you skimmed.



This is me and my cat.

We are adorable. You cannot handle this.



13 comments on “About

  1. A girl at my school is totally into Manga. She’s also obsessed with symmetry. She once went into a class and started yelling at the walls because they weren’t symmetrical.

  2. Omg, Cleo. I am seriously scared since you updated this.

    I have short hair. I don’t like a lot of people. Facebook tends to bore me, I enjoy tumblr more (by the way, my normal tumblr is silence-at-221b.tumblr.com. its mostly fandom stuff, sherlock and doctor who and such). I used to own a Toshiba computer. While I’m not a freshman, I’m a sophomore, that’s still close. I type and type for ages until my fingers are stiff. I ship characters so much it hurts (Doctor/Rose, Doctor/River Song, Johnlock, Percybeth, Phan). And soon we may both do video blogs.

    I am afraid.

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