Gettin’ In The Groove

So, to try and get back to my old posting schedule of two a day, I’m trying to work on that now before school starts.

Betcha can’t guess what I’m doing?



I swear I’m actually addicted to this show. I can’t go one night without watching it.

Apparently, when school starts up again on Monday, my mom insists I can’t stay up past 9:30, which means I’ll be missing all FOUR nightly episodes. Gr. Oh well, I guess…



By Fabio


Schools starts on Monday. I really don’t know what to expect.

In the mornings, I have Japanese at another school that has all the language classes. That means I have to take that bus to that school, then the shuttle to my actual high school.


How am I supposed to find my way around TWO schools? I already get lost too easily. This is gonna be tough…

The only AP (Advanced Practice) class I took was Language Arts, which I was quite happy about. I took AP History last year, and it was NOT for me. It was mostly memorization and things like that. I have a terrible memory!

At least I’m good at writing and the like, so I think I’ll do fairly well. 


I’ve been watching way too many episodes of Friends. I think I have an addiction! 

My favorite character: 


My second favorite: 


My least favorite: 

Freakin’ Janice.


Mostly because she does THIS.

By the way, Matthew Perry () is hilarious.



By Fabio



So, I have less than a week until I start school again. Did I accomplish all the things I wanted to? Lets see.

  • Finish writing The Locked World:
  • Have a comic or manga started:
  • Finish at least 5 animes:
  • Still write for the Tangerines?:
  • Watch every existing episode of my favorite TV show, Friends:
  • Build a wooden fort in the backyard:
  • Read The Princess Bride for school:
  • Watch The Princess Bride afterwards:
  • Learn to speak German:
  • Be a fat lazy blob:

So basically I did nothing.




By Fabio

Saturday, Saturday, Does Whatever Saturdays Do


I’m back online for once!

Man, have I been gone a while…I guess I just got busy with my summer and all but forgot about posting anything!!


Anyway, today’s Casey’s birthday party, so I’ll be heading over there whenever Casey decides to text me back. She’s having a pool party (like she always does) and then Trystan and I are gonna spend the night! It’ll be just like last year!

So that’s all I really have to say for right now, so I’ll talk to you when I come home on Monday! School starts in a week by then…NOOOOOOOOO!



By Fabio

Busy For a While

I apologize dudes, but the new Tangerine post won’t be out for at least another 2 weeks. Thanks and see you soon!

By Fabio


Been so long since I did anything here.

Welp. I’m gonna go now.

I’m writing on the Tangerines though! I’m trying this new method where I write out the story and then take the pictures. Before, I made a story around the pictures I got. Let’s see how this plays out.

Of course I had to pick one of my most important chapters to try an idea that could basically ruin the next post. Wonderful Cleo, wonderful.



By Fabio

Just A Quick Morning Update

Today I plan to go to the vet with my mom and Happy, finish my friend’s plush, start my other friend’s plush, and watch some more anime. Gonna see you all later on the compooter (I’m on my mom’s iPhone right now), and am going to leave you with this picture of the demon cat inside our dish washer.



By Fabio


For those of you who haven’t seen it and have no idea what I’m talking about (well, most of you have no idea what I’m talking about!)




By Fabio

G’day Mate!

I dunno why that title’s there, I just wanted to say it Australian-like.

Hai. I don’t think I have a lot to say today. Lemme just tell you what we did.

This morning I woke up at around ten thirty-ish and went into my mom’s office (where she makes her jewelry). She was sitting at her compooter so I just sat down in the other chair and started talking to her about what we were going to do today.

“Well,” she said, “Randy’s at Nelson’s* house for the day and Dad’s working, so basically we have the whole house to ourselves. I’ve got taxes to do and I really wanted to work on some pendants…but right now I just really want to go get some coffee.”

“Ooh! Can I get some too?!” I said. I REALLY wanted so coffee because the small sips I’ve had before made me feel all bouncy and hyper.

She said no, but then I mentioned getting a mocha because it’s mostly chocolate. She said if I really wanted chocolate, I could just get a hot chocolate. I guess I really wasn’t thinking about anything other than coffee. I agreed and before you know it we were on our way there with Coldwater Creek and JOANN coupons.

When we got to Starbucks, the lady at the counter already knew my mom wanted a soy latte or something like that. Apparently she and my dad would go there often on Saturdays and talk for half an hour (I jumped up and down as said, “OOOH! THIS IS WHERE YOU GUYS GO ON THE WEEKENDS!!” for some reason that made me really excited…) First I got this croissant with cream cheese on it and my mom got a piece of the banana bread I think. My food sucked and made me want to barf, so my mom gave me five bucks to go up to the counter and get marble pound cake instead.

I listened carefully and the cake cost my mom $2.41 . I remember this because I plan to pay her back. It doesn’t seem fair that she had to buy me 2 things just because I didn’t like the first one. Anyway.

After 40 minutes of talking and drinking our stuff, we left and went to JOANN. We thought we needed glue when actually I remembered we had 2 bottles of it at home.

So my mom let me look around while she went pee. 


They had touch screens and different settings that our’s (which is a Bernina sewing machine) didn’t and just boggled my mind. I found them ridiculous but intriguing.

I showed my mom when she was done and she taught me all about how they were also for embroidering. I had no idea machines could even DO that. We saw a lot of Singers, which Mom said used to be the best kind of machine you could get until they started making the parts on the inside out of plastic, and they all seemed really hi-tech too.


They were flowery and giant flower-shaped. I plan to use them to make plushies for my cousins when we visit them. I hope they like ’em.

By the way, I don’t have any pictures of my friend’s plush that I’ve been posting updates for this week. I’m not done working on it for the night since my mom needs to help me with this part and she still has to do taxes. 

Then we went to Coldwater Creek, this older-lady-shopping-store and bought my mom this skirt and two shirts. I knew she’d like ’em. I was right! 

I guess that’s it, other than I might play Minecraft with Randy later since he came home today.



*Nelson is Randy’s best friend. Whenever he spends the night here, they seem to be quiet but if you go in his room they’re really loud. They play Minecraft and Terraria together and all sorts of shiz.

By Fabio

Personal Achievements and…Dis-Achievements?

So, I did come back for you guys! Woo! You weren’t abandoned!

Personal achievement: 

Worked on friend’s plush: 

Drew character Ginji Amano as planned: 

Well…2/3 isn’t so bad, right? Anyway, like yesterday, I made a little progress picture for my friend’s plush.

I kinda like it…but I don’t at the same time. Well, there’s no going back now. I already glued down the eyes (I’m not sure how to sew on buttons yet and my mom’s been busy writing a paper), the tie (although I did sew two pieces together [by hand when I really could’ve used the machine] to get it right!), and the ears were sewn on yesterday.

Tomorrow I plan to make his little paws! They need to be black with white tips since the character,, has white gloves.  It doesn’t sound very hard, but then again, everything that sounds easy to me ends up being the most difficult thing in the world. I suppose I underestimate.

On another subject of what I haven’t done, I didn’t write any more of The Locked World. I wish I had, but sadly no. That, and not being able to draw for a while frustrates me. I did get these awesome art pencils and pencil bag:

plus the eraser for my birthday, and I have nothing to use them for. It makes me sad as well…

Anyhow, I hope to see you all after dinner! Until then~



By Fabio


I’ve been gone for a looong time. I apologize. Also, since it’s the 11th of June and this is the first post of the month. I’m gonna try to be more frequent this summer, I promise!

Ok, so here’s what happened: Trystan and Casey were with me from June 1st-5th, and after that my mom sent them home. I was grounded from the computer and phone from the 6th-9th, and then I was being creative for the rest of the weekend and most of today. I gotta say, I haven’t been on the computer ’til now, 4:11 pm, and I feel healthy! I spent all day Saturday (the morning I got my computer back) sitting in my bed and staring at the screen and frankly, I felt…dirty.

I kinda hated it, but I enjoyed wallowing for a bit. Then, on Sunday my family spent, say one and a half hours at the gym. It was really tiring, but I enjoyed the treadmill (in spite of my Anti-Exercise Summer Movement [or lack of movement])! Oh, and after the treadmill we went swimming and cooled off.

THEN! I got home and took a shower. I can’t remember what movie I watched, but I know I did something! Then today I spent it working on my friend’s plush project she enlisted me to do. Here is the progress so far because I was lazy on Day 1:

Also, the cat’s just there because he looks adorable while sleeping. 

Tomorrow, it will have been one week without Casey and Trystan…I feel a bit alone, but with them around I don’t really get anything done. Maybe I’ll go to Casey’s on Wednesday or something (but I’ll have to be back by Friday night since my mom and I need to go shopping [helloooo, Hot Topic!] and we’re gonna go to the gym again).


Oh and we’re going on vacation! Woo! I might blog a bit using my mom’s phone then, but I most likely will not have internet since we’re camping and driving all the way there which takes 3 days, or my mom will try and “conserve it’s battery life” when I think she secretly uses it in the porta-potties and then lectures us about having too much technology. I dunno, just a theory.

THAT was a long sentence. 

I feel out of breath just looking at it!

Hopefully I’ll make this a schedule, where I’m productive all day and then get on the computer around four to blog. So…there might only be one post a day, or I could do one at four and then one after dinner/gym time. Take your pick!



By Fabio


Tis true! The last day of May is tomorrow, so we’ll manage to get 52 posts by the end of just this month. I’m so proud of myself!

Like I just said in the last post, Trevor wanted to call me. Am I a mean person for not wanting to? And not wanting to text? And not wanting contact with the outside world?

Let’s take another trip to…


So yeah. Here we are again. The setup of my mind might change a little each time, but oh well.

The voting board thingy majig seems to have it’s own little country. The Checkmarks and the X’s get into really heated discussions until Blue Shirted Neutral Cleo can step up. Here’s the one they had about:

Texting/Calling/Communication in General!

The RED Cleos are the against side, and the GREEN Cleos are the for side!

We need time and space without people interfering. We have a complex mind that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. >.>

Well, maybe if we were more open about it we wouldn’t be so complex! Besides, we didn’t get to see Trevor or Casey at all today! We miss them!

Oh c’mon. That’s a load of crap. You know you’re nervous when you talk to Trevor!

Doesn’t mean it won’t get better if we keep talking! Which YOU took away from us today!

ME?! That was because of the final exam schedules today!

Easy. We avoid him at all costs. It’s what we normally do with people everywhere! Why wouldn’t it work now?!

Because Trevor is NICE! We’re not gonna make Trevor feel bad, now ARE WE?!

We dunno. We just want to make ourselves happy.

UGH! You immature butt faces! Don’t you see that what you do affects everyone else as well?! If you stop talking to Trevor and just avoid him at all costs, eventually he’s just going to hate you. You LIKE HIM. Remember?!

…shut up…

*Blue Cleo enters with final decision*

ENOUGH! I’ve picked what we’re going to do! It’s time for us to grow up and be a man! Err…woman. We’ll talk to Trevor when we’re not feeling stupid and if we are, we tell the truth that we’re busy with something else! Problem solved!

*applause ripples through the Cleos*


Trevor wants to hang out and go places this summer, but we’ve got a babysitting job with adorable little Gianni next door! WHAT DO WE DO?!?!

We obviously tell Gianni’s mother that we’re busy that day.

WHAT?! No! That would hurt Gianni since he loves you! We tell Trevor to bug off and continue with our work.

This is a fairly easy decision. We tell Trevor that we’re busy when he asks what we’re doing from the normal babysitting hours, and during the day we can go places with him, Casey, Trystan, and Ryan until it’s time to go. Simple plan= COMPLETE!

*more applause*

I’m not sure I’m completely happy with either of those choices, but they seem to be the best ones. Maybe the readers have something different? HELP! 



By Fabio


People don’t understand! Gah! When I have a book, when that book is open, when my head is IN said book, DO NOT TALK TO ME! I’m trying to enjoy this world in peace and quiet!

It is true I have the ability to focus only on the book and blur the rest of Earth, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind and deaf. I can see you kicking my foot. I can hear you yelling in my ear! I chose to stay inside said book!

I got it for my birthday. I love it! It’s such a good story and I’m only on page 267 of 531! I have so much to go and so much time on my hands! MWAHAHAHA! NO MORE SCHOOL AFTER TOMORROW!!

Then I get to be a bookworm. 

The problem is: everyone else.

Trevor texts me. A LOT. I like talking to him and all…BUT DUDE. I have THINGS to do! Sure, I’d love to talk! Not now. Not when I showed you my book in school! I like alone time. >.> The same with Casey and Trystan.

I love talking to those guys! Honestly! But I want to be…a loner! That’s the word. Ha, that’d be a trait for me in the Sims 3!


Tonight he was wondering if I would call him. I told Trevor that maybe, since I was already playing a compooter game with Jezzie, and he said ok. Ten minutes later…

“U done yet?”

NO! I wanna be nice…but I get angry when I’m interrupted. 

I need a shield. I need protection and deflection! 

I made a funny.



By Fabio

Socks and Sandals


Don’t socks defy the purpose of sandals? Sandals are meant to keep your feet cool and open. Socks are sticky and confining. NO! BAD SOCKS! STAY AWAY FROM MY SANDALS!

Sorry I’m being short. I don’t feel very good and I’ve been watching too much anime.



By Fabio


(excuse all the typos! I’m on my mom’s iPhone trying to write this in a restaurant)
We went to BJs, one of my most favorite restaraunts, for Randy’s birthday! They have the best pizzas in the world here. I wish I could curl up in one and live inside the crust.


By Fabio

If I Was a Blank (#1)

If I was a blank…

…Adventure Time character.

Physical Shtuffs

  • Purple hair
  • Black colorless eyes like the others.
  • Dark red (maroon) wings
  • ^^Same color horns

Clothing and junk

  • Torn black shirt
  • Faded grey skinny jeans
  • knee-high purple boots with heels
  • brown leather vest

Catch phrases/quotes

  • “Let’s get colorful!”
  • “I’m ready for anything! Bring on the challenge!”
  • “Ugh…let’s just get this over with!”




By Fabio


Yeah, I haven’t REALLY posted all weekend. Sorreh! But these are a bunch of polls for the Tangerines (my sims 3 blog) so if you read it please vote. Thanks.


By Fabio


Sup guys? Well, I decided to play the Sims 3 today. Since the heiress poll isn’t done til tomorrow and it’s a dead tie, I figured I’d post some bonus pictures on the Tangerine facebook page! Click this link to see it! No pictures yet, but there will be! Also this post will be updated around 5 tonight as the afternoon Sunday post. See ya then!


Check out the two new photo albums for the Tangerine Facebook page here~

Sorry it’s not long or anything, but I really need some sleep and definitely some food. I’m starving over here!



By Fabio

Poem Sunday (Number SEVEN!)


With every being, there is something inside their soul.

It glows, fades, and sometimes dies out-

It’s called a soul.

There are few whose are perfect and many are broken.

A couple have gone corrupt.

Everyone’s has a crack or break, whether it be big or small,

crooked or straight,

it’s the one flaw we’ve all collected.

Still, though,

we continue to glow and shine.

There’s a uniqueness in all of them.

It may be the color, the shape, or the density, but it’s there.

Sometimes, you have to let your’s grow and transform…

…to break the mold.

By Fabio

The Thingy

The dance thingy was fun. The End- since nothing really happened and it was boring as usual.



By Fabio